How do I become a better streamer to be featured on the wall?2020-07-24T16:20:41+00:00

Check out our become a better streamer page to find out what it takes to become featured on the wall!

Do you offer sponsorships?2020-07-24T16:20:26+00:00

WallofGamers are not offering any sponsorships at this current time. However, like thousands of other gamers you can apply to become a Hotkey Gaming affiliate for incredible features here.

How do I contact you?2020-07-24T16:20:06+00:00

To contact us, simply navigate to our contact page, we tend to receive and reply to emails within 24hours.

Can I pay to be on the wall?2020-07-24T16:19:51+00:00

Unfortunately, we are not doing any paid spots on the wall at this current time, all our spots must be earned.

I don’t want to be on the wall, can you take me off?2020-07-24T16:19:34+00:00

If for some reason you wish to no longer be displayed on the wall, simply contact us to remove your spot. Visit our contact page or email us at support@wallofgamers.com

What’s the benefits of being on the wall?2020-07-24T16:19:05+00:00

The most important one is bragging rights, it’s considered an honourable achievement to be placed on the wall and upon achieving this, you will receive a certificate to boast your victory. All our wallofgamers are placed in the legends of the wall for extreme bragging rights.

How do I get on the wall?2020-07-24T16:18:50+00:00

Just like the hall of fame, it takes greatness to be shown on the wall of gamers. There are various ways to be placed on the wall, you can apply, or we hand pick the best. Don’t be discouraged by applying, you may have what it takes to be on the wall! On various occasions you may be able to win your spot on the wall, but this is no easy triumph.

What is the wall of gamers?2020-07-24T16:23:53+00:00

Displaying all the current HOT gamers on the market, the wall of gamers displays nothing but greatness in the gaming world. We have designed a place to show and feature all trending streamers by creating the wall. Being displayed on the wall is a highest honour as a gamer and you will always be able to showcase this achievement by being placed in the legends of the wall.

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